Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My Political Views

I don't know why I don't like politics.
This year,Indonesia is on the election period for choosing the representatives and the president.
Societies in any level was visited by the people representative wannabes.
I still don't understand what they represent for.
In my experiences,most of them are just trying to take people sympathy if the election time is closer.
After elected,seems like they forgot their promises to people on the past campaign.Is it because they are busy to get back the sacrifice materials during the campaign?
Or maybe there's no more representative who has the pure heart to struggling for people needs?I don't know.
I just want to watch this political cycle round and round.
I want to make my self comfort with the system abuse.
Because I as the common people has nothing to change anything.
I just hope the politicians would never forget their responsibility for the people.
Vox populi, vox Dei.
I hope The God hear the pray of people like me...

Friday, 22 May 2009

Makassar,The Gateway of East Indonesia

Makassar,the city where I live is the capital city of South Sulawesi.
The climate here is hot, usually around 37 Celcius Degree.
Makassar as a big harbor and the gateway of East Indonesia was a popular city hundred years ago.
On that time,Makassar is a business city where the sellers & buyers meet to trade spices, sugar, rice, coconut and other precious natural resources.
Many people around the world came to Makassar.
It was a common to see Chinese, Arabic, European and other nations traded each other.

One of a historical building in Makassar is Fort Rotterdam.
This fortress built in 1545 by the 10th King of Gowa named Tunipallangga Ulaweng.
There was a traditional Buginese house in the fortress which represent the characteristic of Gowa Kingdom. It also became the residence of The King's family.

Original name of this fortress is Ujung Pandang Fortress.
People of Gowa-Makassar also called it as Panyyua Fort (Turtle Fort) because of it turtle-shaped buildings.
A turtle illustrate the fact of Gowa Kingdom was a maritime kingdom which has the economy strength and big maritime power, so that the fort served as the media capital of defense or protection from enemy attacks.
Since first, many Buginese and Makassar people known as the sailor who sailed to the Indonesia coasts, even to the Indian Ocean and Madagascar of Africa.

After the hard wars, the Dutch occupied this fortress and changed the name to Fort Rotterdam.
Cornelis Speelman deliberately choose the name to memorize the Fort Rotterdam in Netherland which was his birth place.
The fortress then used by the Netherlands as a spices center in the eastern part of Indonesia.

I will post my very own of Fort Rotterdam picture soon :-)

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Review:The Sky Is Crazy

One of a very enjoyable book to read is "The Sky Is Crazy".
The book is written by Yvonne Lee, a former Malaysian stewardess who worked for 5 years in an international airlines and has been flying to 50 countries.

This book contains 29 chapters, all chapters are very interesting to read.
Yvonne told the stories so funny and relax.
She also tell us the human side of a stewardess who must meet the various characters of the aircraft passengers.

Inside "The Sky Is Crazy" , the life of a flight attendant (which usually known as the life of luxury and fun by common people) will revealed truly by Yvonne reality experiences.

Variety of exciting and funny incidents like:
- Passengers who first fly by a plane will watch the flight attendant safety instruction demo carefully, even they would stand up!
- A passenger who screaming because he always get chicken teriyaki menu on 16 hours non stop flight.
- The new passengers of First Class usually bloated even though they just taste the dessert before the main menu!
- The drunken passenger who take a pee in front of pilot door!
- The greedy flight attendant who always steal the hotel items if he stayed then he got a big bashful after the custom officer open his full-stealth items bag at the airport!
And many more cool experiences...

I even can't wait for the sophomore of the book!
Just read the stories and remember, you don't have to fasten your seat belt :-)
Enjoy it!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Night Shift

Today I'm on the night shift. It's quite boring.
But as usual, I must done my responsibility :)
Now I'm concentrate the activity just to blogging. What a pity ...

2 days earlier, I was very busy on the job.
The faults come without giving me even a second to take a rest (too hyperbolic) :)
But I think it's fun because the team work is very solid.
Deep inside, I still love this job, absolutely.

On the night shift, the personnel must not sleep.
We must be a night watch (hmm...looks like a movie title)
We must open the eyes...Uhh..

I will work now, I hope I can post another topic soon :-)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Best Memories For The Best Future

Since I was born , I always think that my life is
full of difficulties.
I lived with my neighbor due to unavailable condition of my mother after birth me.
She got Chikungunya Fever which made her unable to give me full attention on that time.
After she get recovered, I always go to my family home to meet my siblings ( I had two brothers and one sister).
On that time, I still stay in my neighbor home which is near from my family home.

The neighbor family were very good to me, especially their mother.
I call her "Mama Ibu".
It's quite weird because Mama means mother and Ibu also means mother, in Indonesian language.
Mama Ibu has 3 childrens.
The oldest is Brother Christian who live in Majene Regency of West Sulawesi Province.
Sometimes he came to the home, usually once in a month.
The oldest sister called Sister Mega who live in Wamena of Papua Region since 1992.
The youngest is Sister Rahma. She just can finished her study till senior high school dur to financial problem.
Mama Ibu's husband passed away before I was born so I never meet him.

I feel that I'm blessed with unconditional love when I live with them.
Maybe they have no precious materials but they had an uncountable love for me :_)

I always remember them even
now we're so far each other .
I lived my childhood time with them, in the happiness and saddest time.

I still remember, in a rain fall of afternoon, Mama Ibu cook a noodle with egg for me.
The food taste and the pure heart warmed me immediately.
I miss that moment very much..
But I don't know where she is now :-(

The last time I met Mama Ibu was on January 2006.
We met in Makassar, the city I live now.
She looks older , got a little difficulties of hearing but she still remember me, still love me ( I see that from her eyes) and also gave me a very warm hug before I leaved.
I would never forget it.

Many things I learn from her and the family.
I learn to be diligent, down-to-earth, care to the unlucky persons and do a fair competitive in my school.
Mama Ibu and Sister Rahma teach me how to motivate my self to become
more discipline in learning the school subjects , go to the school punctually, do my homework and study hard to be the best in my class.
Sure it works.
Six years of my elementary school, I always got The First Rank.
Thanks to God who send them to me.

Sister Rahma marry with a veterinary doctor in Sidoarjo on 1997.
Mama Ibu following them move to Sidoarjo.
Earlier before the wedding , me and my origin family move to a new home in the same city, Parepare.

The show must go on.
I must face my life for a better future and let the beautiful memories last in my mind forever.
I realize that I can't go to the past but I can prepare my self for the best future.

Now I'm working as a call center agent. Also start to following a hybrid network business.
I hope to have more money to meet with Mama Ibu and the family again.
I think that I would never give them a merit like they gave me.
But I will do the best for them, make them happy, as soon as possible.
I believe, if we had a pure motive then God will help us.
I hope my dream to meet them will come true.

Monday, 18 May 2009

How To Reduce The Stress?

Wouldn’t it be nice to find tips to reduce stress? Recently, I came across something that seems to fit that bill quite nicely. It is simple and effective. And for this parent of a teenager I need both in my life. Not to mention any help I can get on how to control anxiety.

One of the best ways I know on how to prevent stress is to get centered. What does that mean? It means different things for different people. Everyone has different ways to get centered, and as soon as you can figure out what your way or ways are, you can start implementing this stress reducing technique.

Why do we have stress?

The main reason we have stress, in my opinion, is that our lives, or portions of our lives, are out-of-control. Finances, health, kids, time - these are all areas that can easily get overwhelming and quickly can get out-of-control. This is a complex, fast-paced, stress-filled world we live in, and there’s really no way around that unless you live by yourself on a desert island. I know I don’t have that luxury.

Any best ways to reduce stress?

In my opinion, you can’t reduce the stress. But you can learn to handle it. One way to do this is to get centered.

Centering is what exactly?

Getting centered means figuring out something that you can do that will give you a sense of control in your life, even if it’s in a tiny way. It might not even be anything that needs controlling, but it has to be something you can control. So even if you can’t control any or all of the big things, if you can control something small, it can do wonders for your overall stress level.

Where do I start?

All you need to do is find an activity that helps you to feel relaxed. These come in all different sizes and shapes and are what you like to do, so don’t use your neighbors idea as a measure of the effectiveness of your centering ways. If it works for you, do it. I must tell you I love to mow the lawn. The sense of relief and completeness I feel in looking at the completed project, grass all neatly in a row, reduces my stress at once.

Another technique of mine is making the bed. It’s my wife this time that doesn’t mind this quirk of mine. I love the look of a smooth, tightly made bed with the sheets and blankets tucked in perfectly. Ahhhh!

My wife’s method of how to prevent stress? To clean the sliding glass door. When she’s feeling out-of-control, she almost runs for the Windex and paper towels, and gets that baby so clean you could eat off of it. It’s her way of getting centered.

Every paper clip has its place!

I know of a corporate bigwig who got centered by going through his paper clips and sorting the small ones from the large ones. When his secretary offered to do this mundane job for him, he politely declined. He knew this little secret kept him centered and at the top of his game!

So stop and figure it out now. What things can you do to reduce anxiety? Have a few tucked away and when you need to get centered you will be ready.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lumiglow : An Easy Way To Your Better Health And Beauty

A Simple Holistic Way to Better Health And Beauty!

LumiGlow® cream, which formulated in Germany, help revitalizes the skin cells, tighten face texture, increase energy and improve the body's immune system. This product also benefits as anti-inflammation, anti-spasmodic and hormone balance.

What Is Hormones?

Hormones are endocrine secretions that balance and regulate the various systems in our body. These secretions are responsible for a series of functions involving the creation of life, growth, reproduction, aging, emotions and behavior. As the source of our life force and vitality, it is very important that our hormones are in a constant state of balance. Otherwise we put ourselves at risk of various health problems and ailments. This will in turn affect the well being of our body, mind and spirit.

Hormone Imbalance

Female problems associated with hormone imbalance are as follows:

For Puberty (age 20): pimples, flat-chest, menstruation cramps.

For Pregnancy (age 30): infertility, insomnia, lethargy, skin becomes less, wrinkles, etc.

For Middle Age (age 40): firm sagging breasts, osteoporosis, cold feet and hands, pigmentation, arthritis, etc.

Menopause (age 50 and above): gout, hair loss, night sweats, moodiness, hot flashes.

Male health problems associated with hormonal imbalance:

Age 50 and below : easily tired, cold feet and hands, lack of energy, constipation, lack of appetite, weight loss, muscle pain, cramps, etc.

Mentally: lack of concentration, moodiness,become very sensitive, insomnia, depression, etc.

Sexuality: Lack of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, impotence, etc.

Renal function: frequent urination, incontinence, etc.

Cardiovascular function: headache, cold sweats, heart palpitation, cold feet and hands.

LumiGlow® May Help To Settle All These Problems!

Ingredients of LumiGlow®

1. Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam)

LumiGlow® Cream is produced from a special formulation which is recognized as the best self-hormone remedy - the new star in biological medicine Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam). This special yam contains more than fifty hormone precursors. They usually grow independently in unpolluted barren lands without any insecticides and manure, thus automatically producing self-healing elements which can help stimulate human self-recovery and organ reactivation to make people feel younger, stronger, and energized.

The special ingredients of Dioscorea Villosa activate hormones to self-balance and stabilize and to produce a constant supply of what the body needs, thereby achieving good health and holistic well being. The active ingredient Diosgenin is known to have anti-inflammatory property. Wild yam cream has been widely used for hormonal imbalance, improving energy, rigor, stamina and endurance. Women commonly experience relief in premenstrual and menopausal symptoms.

2. Aloe Vera

An effective moisturizing agent in skin care products. It tightens, stimulates and rejuvenates skin for a healthy glow.

3. Soy Extract

It has the ingredients that are very similar to female hormones. Traditionally, soy product is the main consumption of people in China and Japan, where the incidences of hormone related cancer are low.

4. Grape Seed Extract

Grape seeds extract is well known for its antioxidant properties. Anti-oxidants help to prevent skin damage from free radicals. It is 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C.

5. Vitamin E
It will help the skin to fight the damage caused by free radicals.

D.I.Y Means Do It Yourself

Why wait? Start your health and beauty plans today! You have LumiGlow® as your intimate guide and partner along the way. As a supplement applied through the skin, LumiGlow® uses biotechnology as well as nanotechnology to deliver the goodness of active ingredients directly into the blood stream, bypassing the long and slow absorption process of the digestive system.

Get great results through regular use. Get it, Rub it, Feel it and Look it!


Gently massage half a teaspoon twice daily onto the neck, upper arms (upwards), breasts (upwards and inwards), back around the waist (downwards), wrists (circular upwards), stomach (circular clockwise around the belly), inner thighs (circular upwards).

If any reactions persist, stop application and refer to the person who introduced you. Not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers.

For more information about LumiGlow® testimonials click here and product order, please contact me at:

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Morning Shift

Today I must work in the morning.
While people are still in the bedroom, dreaming about the paradise island with a sunrise, I must take a bath and going to the office :)
The cold water makes me want to go back on the bed but I must do my responsibility.
I wear my clothes and ready to go.

If my schedule is the morning shift, I start working from 8 AM till 2 PM.
I must prepare for a good mood (even I'm in bad mood).
As a call center agent, the customer will never understand if you're sick, if your mental condition is not on the top and even if you have any problem at all.
Same with the other customer-service related job, I must provide the best service for the customer with a care heart.Hmmm...what a poetic words :)

Till I post this , there were one fault of the telecommunication system which the office provide.
It is the Hot Spot Internet Access in Mutiara Airport Palu City of Central Sulawesi.
Palu is a hot city because it's located geographically in the equator line of the earth.
Even it's hot, I thought people there are very friendly :)

As I signed in to, I have new activity. Yes, it's Blogging!
Sometimes in my work shift, I come to the office just for blog, not really interesting to my job anymore. Very different when I first employed here, 3 years ago, I even want to stay in the office cause I really love to handle the customer troubles.
It's not good for my personal job ethics but I try hard to balance blogging and service the customers as my responsibility.

Well, I must go back to working, I hope to post soon.
Anyway, today is the last day of Gramedia Discount Week.
Gramedia is the largest book store in Indonesia and it's rebuild in one of shopping store in Makassar called Mall Panakkukang.
I hope that I can go there to get a good but cheap books :)

See you soon ;-)

Friday, 15 May 2009

Tempe : Indonesian Popular And Healthy Food

Tempe is the result of soybean fermentation with fungus Rhizopus Oligosporus.
One piece of Tempe contains many useful elements for body health such as carbohydrate, fat, protein, fiber, vitamin, good enzymes and other substances for anti bacteria.
Tempe is delicious, cheap price and easy to obtain especially in Indonesia.

Tempe is very good to be given to all age groups (from infants to the elderly). In Indonesia, Tempe often found in the home , the small food store and even in the hypermarket. It usually includes as a main menu and meal complementary.

Tempe nutrition values are better than the raw soybean. After the fermentation of soybeans to a Tempe , there were increasing nutritional value such as vitamin B2, vitamin B5 , vitamin B12 and Niacin. Moreover, analysis result indicates that Tempe has the Niacin actual nutrient of 1:13 mg in 100 grams of weight which can be consumed. The niacin which contain only around 0.58 mg in a Tempe made it available to consume in three main forms.

Tempe is generally consumed in the form of chips, bacem (boiled Tempe with spices) or mix with cooked vegetables.
The second way to consumed is Tempe flour. This can be used as the food nutrition which is useful to improve the nutritional value and fiber, as a natural preservative and to avoid diarrhea in children.
In the third way , Tempe can also be processed as a protein concentrate, protein isolate, peptide, and other bio active components. The best way to optimize Tempe values to the body is consume it in significantly amount.

To avoid bore of Tempe, various recipes need to be applied. You can loose many nutritional values of Tempe if you fry it. So it's better to cook Tempe as soup or bacem (Javanese popular menu which Tempe boiled with spices).

The researchers from the Georgetown Medical Center in a research report published to British Journal of Cancer emphasized that women should diligently consume foods which made from soybean, if she want to avoid the risk of breast cancer. In a soybean, according to the research, there are a kind of important chemical substance called Genistein which claimed effective against cancer.

A high iron value in Tempe which about 4 mg/100 grams can overcome the anemia problem .The fermentation process of Tempe activates the Phytase enzyme which can increase the iron absorption in the blood. Tempe also contain Super Oxide Desmutase which can control bad radicals. The saturated double acid fat in Tempe could decreased the cholesterol level.

Let's eat Tempe for our better life.
I invite you to visit Indonesia to see many kind of Tempe and taste the delicious of Tempe.
Viva Tempe For Human Health :)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

View-a-view of Malang

Malang is a popular city in Indonesia. Municipality of East Java Province , Malang is also famous as the Paris Van Java. It is because Malang geographically located in high land with cool weather, clean environment and well-developed layout city. Tourist loves travel to Malang due to culinary varieties, historical buildings and very friendly communities. Malang offer you a great adventure which I believe will never last.

I visited Malang on October 2002, I thought it is quite different now since I leave it 3 months later, on the same year. But I would never forget the roads, the people, the tourist objects and everything about Malang. On 2002 , when I was a vocational high school student, me and my class mates must follow the internship program in . 3 teams choose Malang as the internship place. On that day, we are curious about the city and we hope the internship done successfully.

I arrived at Malang in the night. Cool weather immediately makes me love the city. I always like cool climate such as fog and rain (I still remember when I was a kid, if the rainfall started, I would like to run around my village to enjoy it). Smell the wet soil after the rain fall is very fun. Malang has it all.

First week in Malang, I was so busy. It was the adaptation time to work environment and my class mates. I live with seven class mates in a rent home, 2 rooms rented. We did activities almost together. Eating, going to the office, fun chit chat in the room, singing , washing our clothes and of course fun walking around Malang! We eat in a small food store, the owner is a middle age female. She is very nice, motherhood and generous.Thank God we know her.

Malang culinary contains of many kind. One of the very popular menu is Malang Meatball. There are two types of cooking; boiled and baked. It has a very special spice. I believe you will love it. The meat ball is soft, spicy and tasteful. This delicious food can be found in Bantaran, Glintung, Kemirahan, behind the Mitra II Shopping Centre , Triangle Way of Halmahera, Gajayana and mobile traditional meatball carts around Malang.

Other delicious food is Sego Pecel. Sego is Javanese traditional language which means rice. Pecel is Javanese salad which contain spinach, kangkung vegetable (creeping water plant), sprout , bean and peanut sauces spreads above it. So yummy! It also mixed with boiled egg, peanut chips and traditional chili sauce. You would never forget the unique taste :)

Malang has many historical buildings like Kayutangan Church (a big old cathedral) , Oen Ice Cream (old ice cream store with ancient Dutch furniture) and Tugu Malang Hotel which has priceless collection of antiques influenced by the Javanese Babah Peranakan (the hundreds-years-old mixed culture between the Chinese migrants in Java and the native Javanese).

Here are some names of Malang:
Student City
Malang has many international standard universities such as Brawijaya University, Malang State University, Islamic Malang State University,etc.
Flower City
You can find many flowers arranged in Malang Square, Roads and people house.
Apple City
Malang has the largest production of apples in Indonesia which located in Batu and Poncokusumo. The apples exported to foreign countries and inside Indonesia. It were processed into various foods and beverages such as Apple Extract, Apple Chips, Apple Candy,etc.
Milk City
The milk production has national and international scale which located in Pujon. The milk obtained from overseas cows which made it earned a good quality.
Historical City
Malang has saving the mystery of Javanese Kingdoms origin such as Tumapel, Kanjuruhan, Singosari, Kediri (Dhoho), Mojopahit, Demak and Mataram. One of the most popular temple is Singosari Temple which builded since 1292.

Indonesia is proudly invite you come to Malang.
Taste the foods, visit the city tourist place and meet the friendly people.
You would never forget the experience!