Friday, 15 May 2009

Tempe : Indonesian Popular And Healthy Food

Tempe is the result of soybean fermentation with fungus Rhizopus Oligosporus.
One piece of Tempe contains many useful elements for body health such as carbohydrate, fat, protein, fiber, vitamin, good enzymes and other substances for anti bacteria.
Tempe is delicious, cheap price and easy to obtain especially in Indonesia.

Tempe is very good to be given to all age groups (from infants to the elderly). In Indonesia, Tempe often found in the home , the small food store and even in the hypermarket. It usually includes as a main menu and meal complementary.

Tempe nutrition values are better than the raw soybean. After the fermentation of soybeans to a Tempe , there were increasing nutritional value such as vitamin B2, vitamin B5 , vitamin B12 and Niacin. Moreover, analysis result indicates that Tempe has the Niacin actual nutrient of 1:13 mg in 100 grams of weight which can be consumed. The niacin which contain only around 0.58 mg in a Tempe made it available to consume in three main forms.

Tempe is generally consumed in the form of chips, bacem (boiled Tempe with spices) or mix with cooked vegetables.
The second way to consumed is Tempe flour. This can be used as the food nutrition which is useful to improve the nutritional value and fiber, as a natural preservative and to avoid diarrhea in children.
In the third way , Tempe can also be processed as a protein concentrate, protein isolate, peptide, and other bio active components. The best way to optimize Tempe values to the body is consume it in significantly amount.

To avoid bore of Tempe, various recipes need to be applied. You can loose many nutritional values of Tempe if you fry it. So it's better to cook Tempe as soup or bacem (Javanese popular menu which Tempe boiled with spices).

The researchers from the Georgetown Medical Center in a research report published to British Journal of Cancer emphasized that women should diligently consume foods which made from soybean, if she want to avoid the risk of breast cancer. In a soybean, according to the research, there are a kind of important chemical substance called Genistein which claimed effective against cancer.

A high iron value in Tempe which about 4 mg/100 grams can overcome the anemia problem .The fermentation process of Tempe activates the Phytase enzyme which can increase the iron absorption in the blood. Tempe also contain Super Oxide Desmutase which can control bad radicals. The saturated double acid fat in Tempe could decreased the cholesterol level.

Let's eat Tempe for our better life.
I invite you to visit Indonesia to see many kind of Tempe and taste the delicious of Tempe.
Viva Tempe For Human Health :)

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