Saturday, 9 May 2009

Book Review : Attitude Is Everything

Attitude Is Everything : 10 Life-Changing Steps to Turning Attitude Into Action.

One of the book which I recommend for you, the author is Keith Harrell.

The book is nice literature, easy-to-understand and I believe it would change your life after read it.

In unstable condition nowadays, Keith is very sure that people must know how to control and supervise their life quality by positive attitudes. Maybe you can't change your height or your body shape but you still able to have a better life by attitudes changing.

This book give you principles and step-by-step instructions for improving your whole quality of personal and professional life. "Your success depends on your attitudes".

By this book, Keith Harrell suggest you "10 golden ways" on how to :
1. Understanding the power of attitude.
2. Choose to control and empower your life.
3. Aware identification on negatives attitudes which can improve and ruin your life.
4. Changing your bad attitudes.
5. Invent your objectives and passion of life.
6. Become a proactive person.
7. Invent your motivation.
8. Build a supporting connection.
9. See the changing as the opportunity.
10. Yield an eternal legacy.

I hope this short book review will be useful. Thanks :)

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