Sunday, 10 May 2009

Call Center Agent

Now I'm working as a Corporate Contact Center Agent for an Indonesia State Telco Company. It's been 3 years since 3rd January 2006 (sure I still remember the time I first work here).
Sad and happiness come within this job load.
But I always thanks God for let me have this experience :)

Well, being a call center agent requires a high standard of communication , patience, sharp analyze and large emphatic.
Jobs include are receive call from customers, identifying the troubles and resolve it in quick time.
I also contact the responsible division for helping solve the troubles especially in technical segmentation.

I always meet angry customers who disappointed to our telecommunication services.
It's normal for call center because that's what call center are for :)

Being a call center agent is not easy, as I think.
Your qualification will increase by the time you work in it.
Learn, learn and learn is one of the way to succeed.

I will talk soon about how to become a good call center agent, as my experience :)

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