Thursday, 14 May 2009

View-a-view of Malang

Malang is a popular city in Indonesia. Municipality of East Java Province , Malang is also famous as the Paris Van Java. It is because Malang geographically located in high land with cool weather, clean environment and well-developed layout city. Tourist loves travel to Malang due to culinary varieties, historical buildings and very friendly communities. Malang offer you a great adventure which I believe will never last.

I visited Malang on October 2002, I thought it is quite different now since I leave it 3 months later, on the same year. But I would never forget the roads, the people, the tourist objects and everything about Malang. On 2002 , when I was a vocational high school student, me and my class mates must follow the internship program in . 3 teams choose Malang as the internship place. On that day, we are curious about the city and we hope the internship done successfully.

I arrived at Malang in the night. Cool weather immediately makes me love the city. I always like cool climate such as fog and rain (I still remember when I was a kid, if the rainfall started, I would like to run around my village to enjoy it). Smell the wet soil after the rain fall is very fun. Malang has it all.

First week in Malang, I was so busy. It was the adaptation time to work environment and my class mates. I live with seven class mates in a rent home, 2 rooms rented. We did activities almost together. Eating, going to the office, fun chit chat in the room, singing , washing our clothes and of course fun walking around Malang! We eat in a small food store, the owner is a middle age female. She is very nice, motherhood and generous.Thank God we know her.

Malang culinary contains of many kind. One of the very popular menu is Malang Meatball. There are two types of cooking; boiled and baked. It has a very special spice. I believe you will love it. The meat ball is soft, spicy and tasteful. This delicious food can be found in Bantaran, Glintung, Kemirahan, behind the Mitra II Shopping Centre , Triangle Way of Halmahera, Gajayana and mobile traditional meatball carts around Malang.

Other delicious food is Sego Pecel. Sego is Javanese traditional language which means rice. Pecel is Javanese salad which contain spinach, kangkung vegetable (creeping water plant), sprout , bean and peanut sauces spreads above it. So yummy! It also mixed with boiled egg, peanut chips and traditional chili sauce. You would never forget the unique taste :)

Malang has many historical buildings like Kayutangan Church (a big old cathedral) , Oen Ice Cream (old ice cream store with ancient Dutch furniture) and Tugu Malang Hotel which has priceless collection of antiques influenced by the Javanese Babah Peranakan (the hundreds-years-old mixed culture between the Chinese migrants in Java and the native Javanese).

Here are some names of Malang:
Student City
Malang has many international standard universities such as Brawijaya University, Malang State University, Islamic Malang State University,etc.
Flower City
You can find many flowers arranged in Malang Square, Roads and people house.
Apple City
Malang has the largest production of apples in Indonesia which located in Batu and Poncokusumo. The apples exported to foreign countries and inside Indonesia. It were processed into various foods and beverages such as Apple Extract, Apple Chips, Apple Candy,etc.
Milk City
The milk production has national and international scale which located in Pujon. The milk obtained from overseas cows which made it earned a good quality.
Historical City
Malang has saving the mystery of Javanese Kingdoms origin such as Tumapel, Kanjuruhan, Singosari, Kediri (Dhoho), Mojopahit, Demak and Mataram. One of the most popular temple is Singosari Temple which builded since 1292.

Indonesia is proudly invite you come to Malang.
Taste the foods, visit the city tourist place and meet the friendly people.
You would never forget the experience!

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