Thursday, 21 May 2009

Review:The Sky Is Crazy

One of a very enjoyable book to read is "The Sky Is Crazy".
The book is written by Yvonne Lee, a former Malaysian stewardess who worked for 5 years in an international airlines and has been flying to 50 countries.

This book contains 29 chapters, all chapters are very interesting to read.
Yvonne told the stories so funny and relax.
She also tell us the human side of a stewardess who must meet the various characters of the aircraft passengers.

Inside "The Sky Is Crazy" , the life of a flight attendant (which usually known as the life of luxury and fun by common people) will revealed truly by Yvonne reality experiences.

Variety of exciting and funny incidents like:
- Passengers who first fly by a plane will watch the flight attendant safety instruction demo carefully, even they would stand up!
- A passenger who screaming because he always get chicken teriyaki menu on 16 hours non stop flight.
- The new passengers of First Class usually bloated even though they just taste the dessert before the main menu!
- The drunken passenger who take a pee in front of pilot door!
- The greedy flight attendant who always steal the hotel items if he stayed then he got a big bashful after the custom officer open his full-stealth items bag at the airport!
And many more cool experiences...

I even can't wait for the sophomore of the book!
Just read the stories and remember, you don't have to fasten your seat belt :-)
Enjoy it!

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