Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Best Memories For The Best Future

Since I was born , I always think that my life is
full of difficulties.
I lived with my neighbor due to unavailable condition of my mother after birth me.
She got Chikungunya Fever which made her unable to give me full attention on that time.
After she get recovered, I always go to my family home to meet my siblings ( I had two brothers and one sister).
On that time, I still stay in my neighbor home which is near from my family home.

The neighbor family were very good to me, especially their mother.
I call her "Mama Ibu".
It's quite weird because Mama means mother and Ibu also means mother, in Indonesian language.
Mama Ibu has 3 childrens.
The oldest is Brother Christian who live in Majene Regency of West Sulawesi Province.
Sometimes he came to the home, usually once in a month.
The oldest sister called Sister Mega who live in Wamena of Papua Region since 1992.
The youngest is Sister Rahma. She just can finished her study till senior high school dur to financial problem.
Mama Ibu's husband passed away before I was born so I never meet him.

I feel that I'm blessed with unconditional love when I live with them.
Maybe they have no precious materials but they had an uncountable love for me :_)

I always remember them even
now we're so far each other .
I lived my childhood time with them, in the happiness and saddest time.

I still remember, in a rain fall of afternoon, Mama Ibu cook a noodle with egg for me.
The food taste and the pure heart warmed me immediately.
I miss that moment very much..
But I don't know where she is now :-(

The last time I met Mama Ibu was on January 2006.
We met in Makassar, the city I live now.
She looks older , got a little difficulties of hearing but she still remember me, still love me ( I see that from her eyes) and also gave me a very warm hug before I leaved.
I would never forget it.

Many things I learn from her and the family.
I learn to be diligent, down-to-earth, care to the unlucky persons and do a fair competitive in my school.
Mama Ibu and Sister Rahma teach me how to motivate my self to become
more discipline in learning the school subjects , go to the school punctually, do my homework and study hard to be the best in my class.
Sure it works.
Six years of my elementary school, I always got The First Rank.
Thanks to God who send them to me.

Sister Rahma marry with a veterinary doctor in Sidoarjo on 1997.
Mama Ibu following them move to Sidoarjo.
Earlier before the wedding , me and my origin family move to a new home in the same city, Parepare.

The show must go on.
I must face my life for a better future and let the beautiful memories last in my mind forever.
I realize that I can't go to the past but I can prepare my self for the best future.

Now I'm working as a call center agent. Also start to following a hybrid network business.
I hope to have more money to meet with Mama Ibu and the family again.
I think that I would never give them a merit like they gave me.
But I will do the best for them, make them happy, as soon as possible.
I believe, if we had a pure motive then God will help us.
I hope my dream to meet them will come true.

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