Saturday, 16 May 2009

Morning Shift

Today I must work in the morning.
While people are still in the bedroom, dreaming about the paradise island with a sunrise, I must take a bath and going to the office :)
The cold water makes me want to go back on the bed but I must do my responsibility.
I wear my clothes and ready to go.

If my schedule is the morning shift, I start working from 8 AM till 2 PM.
I must prepare for a good mood (even I'm in bad mood).
As a call center agent, the customer will never understand if you're sick, if your mental condition is not on the top and even if you have any problem at all.
Same with the other customer-service related job, I must provide the best service for the customer with a care heart.Hmmm...what a poetic words :)

Till I post this , there were one fault of the telecommunication system which the office provide.
It is the Hot Spot Internet Access in Mutiara Airport Palu City of Central Sulawesi.
Palu is a hot city because it's located geographically in the equator line of the earth.
Even it's hot, I thought people there are very friendly :)

As I signed in to, I have new activity. Yes, it's Blogging!
Sometimes in my work shift, I come to the office just for blog, not really interesting to my job anymore. Very different when I first employed here, 3 years ago, I even want to stay in the office cause I really love to handle the customer troubles.
It's not good for my personal job ethics but I try hard to balance blogging and service the customers as my responsibility.

Well, I must go back to working, I hope to post soon.
Anyway, today is the last day of Gramedia Discount Week.
Gramedia is the largest book store in Indonesia and it's rebuild in one of shopping store in Makassar called Mall Panakkukang.
I hope that I can go there to get a good but cheap books :)

See you soon ;-)

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