Friday, 8 May 2009

Little About The Sanguine

I think I am a Sanguine.
Maybe because I love to talk, kidding childish and always trying to be close with even a new people who I meet with.
It really has a same description to Sanguine characters which describe in "Personality Plus" , a popular book by Florence Littauer.

People said, Sanguine person usually match to work in entertainment such as become a Master of Ceremony or a job which require the Sanguine to meet with many people example a Corporate Public Relation.
In my own mind (who likes to work in the office) and because I never get into the entertainment business deeply, I hope to become a Great Corporate PR...someday..Amen :)

To me, whatever the basic personality of someone character (Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine or Phlegmatic) there are many other factors which influence the way for him/her to face the life and live within the life's vision.

Based on my own, the family, friends, personal experiences and faith are the factors which build the people facing the life on the past, present and future. It's because human are live in a cosmic time dimension which connecting the time phase. "Your future is the perfect combination of your present and your fast".

Whatever we have on our personal self, we're all unique!

The unique thing who are not very different to other creatures.
The unique thing who can be to survive their life and improve the life's quality.
The unique thing who make The God awarded human to become leader in the whole world until the annihilation time.

Last but not least, as the unique God creature, let's build our life for better, more comfort and become the best gift for this world :)

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